Moms at Work

We seek to improve the socio-economic status of low to moderate income single working mothers in order for them to become inspired women, empowered mothers and agents of change in their community.



If you are a single mother, we want to help you develop

A powerful sense of self
A high level of self-efficacy that produces the self-esteem, motivation, self-responsibility and resilience you will need to deal with life's opportunities and challenges


A lifestyle that promotes personal care, chemistry behind, understanding that the healthier you are as a person, the better your contributions to life and work will be


Building and accessing a diverse support network for achieving goals and effective life with ED and work coping and problem solving online


Life Long Learning
Engaging in informal and informal learning opportunities that can help them achieve their goals


Becoming change agents to issues that affect your family and community



We accomplish our mission through the following services available free to you:


  • A life/ work coach
  • Empowerment seminars
  • A community of single working moms
  • Leadership training