Moms at Work
Program History

Since 1998, urban university has trained and coached more than 200 women entering employment after having been on welfare. Throughout the years, more than half of the moms continued to access our services as they struggled with their day to day responsibilities in balancing family life and work.

Many faced the following

  • feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities
  • performance problems at work
  • the desire to attend college but didn't know where to start
  • reached income ceilings and couldn't advance at work 

They were frustrated and without a strategy to change their circumstances.   Because it was important for them to take care of their children and prioritize work, they began to seek further support and training from urban university.   As a result of this need, urban university created the Moms at Work Program in 2006.        

Program Overview

Welfare is no longer an option for many single working mothers - but there is still a lot of work to do to improve the status of single working mothers and their children. The Moms at Work Program is a partnership with single working moms to inspire self-efficacy, empower parenting and strengthen communities where they live. We're interested in addressing the underlying issues involved in helping single working mothers move from from surviving to thriving.

We understand that many single working mothers living in San Francisco have not reached their social and economic potential. Not only do moms have to face the challenge of obtaining adequate income but they also have to develop the personal and professional goals that will allow them to seek balance as they bravely strive to reach an acceptable quality of life.

Through Moms at Work©, we are going beyond solely using economic criteria as the sole determinants to measure the status of single working mothers. Our strategy for personal and professional development is based on urban university's Single Working Mother Competency list © in combination with The Self-Sufficiency Standard for San Francisco County, allowing us to measure true success for each mother. Using an integrative approach of services, our program components include:

  • Life/Work Coaching - mentoring that helps you set direction and develop a plan for you to reach your personal and professional goals;
  • Empowerment seminars to build your sense of personal power and provide you with new skills and tools to enhance your living, parenting and work skills;
  • Open Forums in diverse neighborhoods offering you the opportunity to participate in an open discussion about a selected topic;
  • Monthly Mom Circles - a community of single working mothers giving you the opportunity to meet and share experiences and discuss issues of concern with one another;
  • Leadership development and engagement through your participation on the Moms At Work Advisory Board, working with empowered single working mothers seeking change; and
  • Access to Education - support with accessing online courses through City College of San Francisco, leading to a certificate or degree.


The Moms at Work program is generously supported by:

  • The San Francisco's Mayor's Office of Community Development
  • Walter and Elise Haas Sr. Foundation
  • vanLoben Sels Remberock Foundation
  • Goldman Foundation