Moms at Work
Personal Development

The purpose of the Moms at Work personal development curriculum is to provide information, skills building and resources that will ignite and develop the self-esteem of single working mothers.


At the end of this curriculum, single working mothers will be able to:

  • Gain a working definition of self-esteem and its value to work/life balance
  • Utilize techniques and practices that sustain healthy self-hood
  • Model healthy self-esteem to their children and communities

Workshop Topics

Learning about self-esteem and its connection to your ability to cope with issues that you face as a woman and mother


Yes, you too need love!
Learning about the importance of taking care of yourself so you can be effective as a mom and contribute to work and your community.


Overwhelmed no more!
Facing stress to balance your responsibilities powerful strategies to address physical and emotional abuse, depression, loneliness, money challenges and health concerns


Being my own best friend
Motivating yourself while reaching your goals and dealing with problems in a kind way


You're not a superwoman!


Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!
Cultivating personal relationships that will support you.


Living your purpose
Inspiring yourself to reach your goals