Moms at Work
Professional Development

The purpose of the Moms at Work professional development curriculum is to provide information, skill building and resources that will promote the career retention and development of single working mothers.


At the end of this curriculum, single working mothers will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the elements and components of a career versus a job
  • Utilize techniques and practices that sustain upward mobility
  • Access role models that model effective career portfolios

Workshop Topics

I deserve a career
Learning about a career versus a job, career values assessment, developing a career development plan, mentor match, educational opportunities and leadership skill building


Keep that job
Learning about the importance of being present to your current job/career as you work towards your goals.


I can't wait to get home
Dealing with difficult people at work.


I can't wait to get to work
Coping mechanisms for easing your mind and solving those personal, parenting and community issues that block your concentration at work


Mistakes happen
Learning how to deal with problems at work and not bring them home


Relationships, Relationships, Relationships
Cultivating positive relationships at work that will support your ability to work effectively.


Living your passion
Inspiring yourself to reach your ultimate career goals