Smart Supervisor

The evolution of the workplace has been dynamic. Global competition, an increased diversity in individuals and the demand for employees that can hit the ground running, requires supervisors to possess leadership skills that will help their organization reach success.



According to a recent survey conducted by the American Society of Training and Development, supervisors are the most under- trained groups in the workforce today.


urban university's Smart Supervisor is the answer to this dilemma - we aim to provide supervisors with an arsenal of soft skills designed to enhance their abilities to lead effectively.


It's key to an organization's survival to provide training to their supervisors - an investment that brings about benefits that include high quality, productivity and improved customer and staff relations.


For ten years, urban university has delivered its workforce development programs in partnership with employers.   While preparing individuals for entry into work, uu has worked within organizations, building bridges between entry level employees and their new organizations - primarily interacting with front-line supervisors.


Over time we've found that the way to tap into the potential of employees and increase their ability to contribute to the organization's bottom line is through the development of interpersonal and soft skills on both sides; employees and supervisors.   When the employee AND supervisor work together, long-lasting success occurs.  



In order to reach success, we believe that it's important for all supervisors to:

  • Set an example for their employees
  • Understand the strong correlation between their interpersonal skills and the productivity of their employees
  • Communicate effectively
  • Continually build their leadership skills

Staying "near the road," our Smart Supervisor Learning modules address the practical issues supervisors face on a daily basis.  


Each module contains diverse "action workshops," that combine theory and practice.    To increase the supervisor's ability to take what they learn out of the classroom and back into work - included in our workshops is follow-up coaching, where we provide individualized attention to supervisors as they use their techniques in real time.