Smart Supervisor

Interpersonal Effectiveness Workshop for Supervisors

  • Don't know how to have a positive effect on others?
  • Do you often feel as if you don't say things because you don't want to be misunderstood?
  • Interested in learning how to interact with people more effectively?

In this three hour workshop, you will understand that...

As a supervisor in today's diverse workplace, it's important for you to know how you "come across" to others. Interacting with your team in a consistently positive and assertive manner can increase your influence in reaching success with and through your team.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn about the basic behaviors;   passive, assertive and aggressive
  • Understand the impact of assertive behavior
  • Identify your preferred influence style
  • Become aware of key influence style attributes that may act as leadership barriers
  • Practice techniques to facilitate an empowered influence style

What Will Be Covered

Assessing Yourself

  • Interpersonal Influence Inventory

Key Interpersonal Influence Skills - Who, What, When and How

  • What is Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Key steps to Interpersonal Influence Skills
  • Skill practice
  • Case Scenarios

Interpersonal Influence Development Plan

  • Taking it back to work

Who Should Attend

Entry level or new supervisors in organizations that want to enhance their ability to work well with their teams.

Workshop Goals

Upon completion of this workshop, supervisors will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of utilizing and modeling assertive behavior
  • Increase their awareness about their preferred styles
  • Become aware of empowering leadership styles
  • Enhance communication skills that facilitate positive results