Smart Supervisor

On-boarding New Team Members

Interested in learning how to prepare new team members for success?

In need of tools to help bring new employees on board?

Do you struggle to find the words?

In this three hour workshop, you will understand that...

There is no such thing as a perfect employee...everyone needs to be prepared for success. Today's smart supervisor knows that preparing new team members for success in their new position starts with the first-line supervisor. It's important for supervisors to become aware of how they bring new employees on, the expectations they set and the methods they use to ensure goals are being met. On-boarding your employees promotes excellent performance, job satisfaction and retention.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn key on-boarding techniques
  • Become aware of common "newly hired, " mistakes to watch out and plan for
  • Identify key non-verbal and verbal communication attributes
  • Create your personal on-boarding tool kit

What Will Be Covered

  • Assessing Yourself: On-boarding style assessment
  • On-boarding basics: Key On-boarding techniques
  • Practice Session: Scenarios and evaluation
  • Taking It to the Streets: Action plan for taking it back to work

Who Should Attend

Entry level or new first -line supervisors interested in learning how to jumpstart the potential of newly hired employees.

Workshop Goals

Upon completion of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Increase their awareness of their preferred communication style
  • Understand the importance of modeling effective communication skills
  • Self-correct in the moment
  • Apply communication techniques that promote effective interactions in the workplace