Welcome to urban furniture

Welcome to urban furniture. Located in Oakland’s Grand-Lake commercial district, urban furniture is a thrift furniture store that sells quality used furniture while serving as a platform to provide education and on the job training to low-income single moms in Oakland.

History of urban furniture

In 1998, when urban university was initially established, it was embedded in our mission to provide employment opportunities.  In 2007, after more than eight years of front-line service providing employability training and coaching to more than 1000 individuals, Tracey Weaver along with urban university’s board of directors decided it was time to increase the organization’s impact and launch urban furniture, a new program dedicated to helping single mothers reach social and economic independence.

an evolving dream...

urban furniture is a work in progress. As we develop our training program for moms, we are also growing a business.  We are learning how to provide excellent customer service, choose great products, and successfully position ourselves in the bay area thrift market.  While we are fortunate to be in one of America’s greatest socially responsible communities, we clearly understand that the one of the most significant factors that will contribute to our success will be to build a powerful customer-driven business.  We are learning this right along with each of our moms.

Educate Employ, Empower.

On any given business day, our moms experience learning and confidence in real time.  Learning occurs as a mom counts money and calculates percentages to negotiate discounts.  Advanced learning occurs as a mom manages store inventory, accrues donation items and completes administrative tasks.

Empowerment occurs as a mom communicates to customers, identifies their needs, directs them to a product and completes a sale.  Empowerment also occurs as a mom undergoes individual self-esteem coaching.  These realities are what we mean when we say urban furniture is ‘more than a furniture store.’

Placing the issues of California’s single working mothers on America’s radar screen.

How are single mothers faring in the bay area? What will it take to facilitate self-sufficiency for the mothers and their families? What are the underlying issues related to their daily struggles balancing self, family and work? These are some of the questions urban university will answer as urban furniture unfolds. We look forward to collecting data that will influence social policy that will address the complex social issues single mothers face as they work towards upward mobility.

We pick up donations for free!

Call us at (510) 835-3165 to pick up your gently used furniture and home décor. We take bookcases, tables, lamps, chairs, ottomans, rugs, antique furniture, art, tableware, glasses and misc. items to decorate the home.

Store Information:

urban furniture is located at 3241 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA.

We are open Monday – Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm and Saturdays from 11:00 – 5:00pm.