We get it - it's tough to keep a competitive edge in today's knowledge economy. Because we believe it takes more than technical know-how to be successful, our WorkSmart Program provides working adults with a tool box of soft skills and professional development tools as they seek career mobility.

Through WorkSmart, we aim to provide working individuals with access to practical and enjoyable learning experiences promoting effective work experiences, job retention and career advancement.

In order to reach success at work, we believe that it's important for all working adults to:

  • Discover and maximize your strengths and develop your talents
  • Engage in lifelong learning
  • Look at work as an opportunity to increase your self knowledge, define your natural abilities, build your career portfolio, connect with your values and fulfill your dreams.

Our Approach

Focusing on soft skills and professional development competencies, we address some of the most pressing situations that arise in today's workforce:

  • Strengthening your verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-esteem at work
  • How to productively cope and solve challenges on the job
  • Working in a diverse environment

WorkSmart programs will be delivered through various learning options:

  • Quick after work workshops
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group workshops